Deathshroud and Typhus… Complete!

Due to work and university commitments, it’s taken a little while to finish these. But, I can’t help but be delighted with them. The Deathshroud are lovely models and have been a joy to paint – and it’s been great to actually have such positive comments about them. I feel I’ve massively improved even over the space of months, and so hopefully you’ll be able to see that paying off now!

I actually went and found a couple of old photos… when Typhus was first released, I naturally got him straight away – and this was perhaps the height of my painting skills at the time:



I hope that viewing both him and the Deathshroud now will be far more pleasing to the eye!

So, after building them and stripping Typhus, in December, they looked like this:


They were freshly prepared – newly glued, and all ready to be sprayed. It only took until March to get them sprayed… but I work quickly!

Here’s the first WIP shot of the bunch:


Naturally, there were a lot of things to tidy – and a revised shot before the second wash had them looking like this:


After this, I needed to tidy up the bases and do the detailing, give them their second wash and finally pick out the lenses with OSL. I actually toned it down for these, but I think the muted OSL still makes them look great!

Anyway, please have a look at the finished articles – bar perhaps the odd detail!






Hope you like them anyway – with all comments and criticism gratefully received!


Forgeworld Havocs

Right, ages and ages ago… I started this!

Pre Work Havocs

But now, I’ve actually cleaned them, put them together and greenstuffed the little problem gaps etc. so they look pretty cohesive over all, and I’m happy! There are a couple of tiny bits to finish off (as I’m out of liquid GS) – one or two mould lines that have been removed since the photos were taken, but overall, nearly ready to get basecoated. I actually decided against using alternative backpacks – although naturally, as I too had been warned, it’s not a perfect fit onto the standard Space Marine backpack. But, I think the Legion Autocannon set looks awesome – and love the overall look – so I can’t grumble!

Havocs 1

Havocs 2

The biggest problem was sorting this… now it’s closer to a feed into the back than the bottom:

Havocs 3
Havocs 4

But hopefully, they all look pretty reasonable together!Havocs 5

I’ll tidy up the last few things when I’ve got a fresh supply of Green Stuff, and then get these sprayed and get them painted up for action.