Continuing to Escalate!

Following my initial vow, our Escalation forces have rumbled on – and I found myself needing to add another 500pts already! Although there’ll be quite a few things that I’ll need to paint in due course, I thought that given the games so far have mostly been Zone Mortalis, it might be nice to add some close-range punch. As such, for my next two vows, I’ve opted to do two Terminator squads – one armed with near basic weaponry, and the other, more lethally, with paired Lightning Claws…

Two more units to vow as part of the B&C’s Loyalty and Treachery:

Vow 5 – 5-strong Terminator squad, with combi-bolters and Power Fists, Heavy Flamer and two Chain Fists.

Vow 6 – 5-strong Terminator squad, all with Lightning Claws

The thought of adding these to my already rather sizeable Cataphractii contingent was too good an opportunity to pass down – and potentially using a load in either ZM, or in future definitely appealed. The aesthetic of their armour very much suits everything I like about the Death Guard – so happy to get more of these fantastic models built and painted for the cause. Armament wise, I’ve gone for two distinctly different squads, in order to fill up the gaps in my current Cataphractii – namely, Chain Fists and Lightning Claws! This ensures I do have a variety to choose from, as and when required.

A photo of them prior to painting:


Here’s my first WIP photo, blocking out main areas of colour, such as shoulder pads, ptergues and trim:


And finally, the finished product!


Glad to have that complete! I’m unsure what I’m going to paint explicitly next, but I think it’s worthwhile considering a 2.5k list and working towards playing more regularly. Watch this space for plans and actual painting!

Otherwise, I’m thinking ahead to things I both need and want to do more broadly. If you’ve ever wondered, this is what a couple of hundred Mantic Zombies look like clipped off the sprue…

One of the next projects!

Deathshroud and Typhus… Complete!

Due to work and university commitments, it’s taken a little while to finish these. But, I can’t help but be delighted with them. The Deathshroud are lovely models and have been a joy to paint – and it’s been great to actually have such positive comments about them. I feel I’ve massively improved even over the space of months, and so hopefully you’ll be able to see that paying off now!

I actually went and found a couple of old photos… when Typhus was first released, I naturally got him straight away – and this was perhaps the height of my painting skills at the time:



I hope that viewing both him and the Deathshroud now will be far more pleasing to the eye!

So, after building them and stripping Typhus, in December, they looked like this:


They were freshly prepared – newly glued, and all ready to be sprayed. It only took until March to get them sprayed… but I work quickly!

Here’s the first WIP shot of the bunch:


Naturally, there were a lot of things to tidy – and a revised shot before the second wash had them looking like this:


After this, I needed to tidy up the bases and do the detailing, give them their second wash and finally pick out the lenses with OSL. I actually toned it down for these, but I think the muted OSL still makes them look great!

Anyway, please have a look at the finished articles – bar perhaps the odd detail!






Hope you like them anyway – with all comments and criticism gratefully received!

The Legion

I have been asked a few times recently as to whether I would do a group shot of my Death Guard, and I thought it would be appropriate to follow up my shots from four months ago with newer progress photos. I proceeded to take everything I had either finished or was imminently working on out of cases, boxes and paint stations to arrange it. Anything that I’d not started prep work on (such as my Blight Drones), was still being stripped, or simply wasn’t in a fit state to show off was left out. The most basic item shown are the Defilers (with no real progress since the last photo!) and perhaps the MaulerForge, which whilst is nearly ready to spray – still requires the head to be magnetised! With a fair few other Terminators awaiting construction, they’ll no doubt be part of the next batch – and hopefully the next photo!

However, I hope that the following photos give you an idea of the scale of my Death Guard (not counting my Iron Warriors, World Eaters, Raven Guard, Imperial Guard, or those other small Ork and Dark Angels armies…) and how they’re shaping up over time.

Just as an idea for scale, included are 166 Plague Marines (amongst whom are a handful of Chosen) and 47 Cultists – in terms of points, the Plague Marines alone (without any upgrades, and bearing in mind each squad features a Champion and nearly all have two special weapons) come to just shy of 4,000pts. With special weapons, Champion armament, etc. – we’d probably be looking at 5,000pts – and that’s without excessively tooling them!

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the following photos of my Death Guard Legion!










As you can see – there’s still lots to be done, but it’s pretty exciting that I’m really on the way to two Legions, rather than just the one. Thanks for looking!