I’ve been involved in the hobby for around 20 years or so: I was fortunate enough to start young with Chaos, and Nurgle was my first love. Since then, I have added and added to a sprawling collection of Death Guard that spans comfortably over twenty thousand points and now has a further fourteen thousand points of Heresy era Death Guard (and counting – as of April 2018), and that has gone through myriad editions of the game we know and love, with success on the battlefield a priority over how my minis actually looked.

After a brief hiatus from painting, I returned to find that if I wasn’t so impatient, I could produce a decent, tabletop quality miniature that was relatively pleasing to the eye – at least, to mine! However, with the new edition in-bound (in 2013), I had resolved to repaint basically everything that I owned, and have stripped model after model… and am starting to repaint each of my armies, to a good standard complete with basing, to take the world by storm. This blog will be will and testament to my Death Guard army, now both in 30k and 40k!

Since 2012, I have chronicled most of this through threads on various forums, including PapaNurgle.com and the Bolter&Chainsword.com – but it felt appropriate to migrate this to a blog. It means we’ll be heavy on content at the start, and go from there! I’ll try not to post those updates verbatim (to account for that fact that some of this should now be referred to in the past tense…), but will be cross-posting the latest stuff as we go. I’m still in the process of stripping job lots of models, cleaning off junk and poor painting that’s been sat there for the past two decades. These models, sparkling clean, in addition to the models from the new release (Dark Vengeance, etc.) have received this love and attention, with the long-term ambition of competing on the tournament stage. So, with your blessing, I’ll take your tutelage and advice wherever possible to make my minis the best that they can be.

The scheme I’m going for is a variant on the Pre-Heresy style, similar to what many people have done in past. To you, I tip my hat – that is what I aspire to do. The intention is to get it to a similar standard… but who knows? As ever, any constructive criticism will be welcomed with open arms throughout!

The focus of this blog will naturally be on my Death Guard, whilst most other things take a back-seat, but long-term, it’ll totally be worth it. Bear with me!

(Updated April 2018)


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