The Legion

I have been asked a few times recently as to whether I would do a group shot of my Death Guard, and I thought it would be appropriate to follow up my shots from four months ago with newer progress photos. I proceeded to take everything I had either finished or was imminently working on out of cases, boxes and paint stations to arrange it. Anything that I’d not started prep work on (such as my Blight Drones), was still being stripped, or simply wasn’t in a fit state to show off was left out. The most basic item shown are the Defilers (with no real progress since the last photo!) and perhaps the MaulerForge, which whilst is nearly ready to spray – still requires the head to be magnetised! With a fair few other Terminators awaiting construction, they’ll no doubt be part of the next batch – and hopefully the next photo!

However, I hope that the following photos give you an idea of the scale of my Death Guard (not counting my Iron Warriors, World Eaters, Raven Guard, Imperial Guard, or those other small Ork and Dark Angels armies…) and how they’re shaping up over time.

Just as an idea for scale, included are 166 Plague Marines (amongst whom are a handful of Chosen) and 47 Cultists – in terms of points, the Plague Marines alone (without any upgrades, and bearing in mind each squad features a Champion and nearly all have two special weapons) come to just shy of 4,000pts. With special weapons, Champion armament, etc. – we’d probably be looking at 5,000pts – and that’s without excessively tooling them!

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the following photos of my Death Guard Legion!










As you can see – there’s still lots to be done, but it’s pretty exciting that I’m really on the way to two Legions, rather than just the one. Thanks for looking!


Finishing the Armour

Got about an hour or so to work on a few things – and I think I’ve used it pretty productively! I thought it would be best to tackle things that have been outstanding for a little while, so that I could definitively say that I finished them!

I’ve finished the weathering in the form of mud on the seven Rhinos, and then after I’d done the last wash on both Land Raiders, added the mud to them too! I made sure that all the barrels on the Rhinos were drilled out – although I’ll need to get the proper drill out for the Raiders. Other than that, tidy!

I based the two Helbrutes I nearly finished the other day, and added just a bit more to that of the Daemon Prince who’s been a WIP for ages basewise.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve done!




Land Raiders

Brutes and Prince

Brute 1

Brute 2

As you can see, the paint is still wet in places – but I’m really happy to have done nearly all of the armoured stuff in one fell block. It’s taken a fair amount of time admittedly – but I’ve enjoyed making sure that they all look the same.

Answering the Call of Chaos VI

I tend to find that I’m most productive when painting to deadlines – generally, in forum competitions. Once more, it’s worked a treat – and have managed to complete all five pledges for the Bolter and Chainsword’s Call of Chaos VI. I tried to put forward things that have been outstanding for far too long – in the form of nine Bikers (split into three squads of three, including the legendary Doomrider!), but then thought it would be nice to put forward two newer acquisitions… in the form of Heldrakes! After all, we all need a Fear Squadron, and as it’s one of the few choices in the Chaos Codex that makes us competitive, no harm in taking three of them, right?

So, here’s one of the first stages of my Biker batch:

Biker Batch

Which did then progress, including Doomrider most notably:

Bikers and Doomrider

To become significantly more cohesive:

Bikers WIP

To being these lovely three man gangs!

Biker Trio

Biker Trio

Biker Trio

Biker Trio

Biker Trio

Biker Trio

Biker Trio

And a lovely overview of all 9 completed Bikers:

Bikers Complete

But naturally, I’d still got two Heldrakes to paint – and they started off in a similar way:

Two Heldrakes WIP

There was a nightmare with the trim:
Heldrake Trim

And, eventually, I’ve come to be the proud owner of these:

Two Heldrakes

Two Heldrakes

And… is that… a Fear Squadron I spy?!

Fear Squadron

Fear Squadron 2

I’d really recommend it as a way of getting things painted – I love batch painting generally, and so to be able to put these away and have that sense of pride, and that I’ve contributed to something bigger is great. Hope you like them!