Forgeworld Plague Marines

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get round to my Forgeworld stuff. Fear probably. But working with these has generally been a joy, and have duly prepared two full sets of Plague Marines, including scenic bases, for the building pile:

Building Pile

And that building pile is slowly become the built… I had just a few minutes, but put this lot together!

Plague Marines

They look surprisingly tall – I think the bodies just look elongated, but I think they’re absolutely class. I’d love a section of just these bad boys to be fair. I then thought it would be a good idea to do a few Aspiring Champions straight out with the obvious selection of weapons. I’ve tried to make sure there’s a palpable sense of movement behind them with their positioning in some cases, and I hope that this comes across even at this early stage, or alternatively – are posed deliberately to look nothing like the majority of the rest of my army!


Hopefully, I can get the rest of the arms fitted in time, as I really need to spray and paint my Heldrake…

Sadly, some of the torsos do not have a perfectly snug fit on the legs – which means that there’ll inevitably have to be a small amount of filler work done, but I’ll probably leave this until later on. There’s a few instances of this where the feet aren’t perfectly flush on the scenic base either – so I can tidy that up at the same time.

I may have to look at getting more of these in future…


Typhus and the Deathshroud (Terminators)

After some free time, I’ve FINALLY built these bad boys and placed them with their newly stripped liege lord:


Deathshroud 2

Bases need a tiny bit of tidying – you can see they’re custom resin plague basis, and therefore just need a bit more filing/filling as appropriate round the edges. But they’re such awesome models, so happy to have got round to building them! Only thing I’ve not added is the Meltabombs – just so as not to obscure part of the model whilst painting. Sadly, weather wasn’t good enough to get them sprayed today – but hope to in the coming days.

Daemon Prince and Plague Marine basing

I’ve been busy tonight – I managed to get the following Plague Marines/Daemon Prince completely based – needed some bits filling etc. – the intention being to add some variety to the ranks, as you may see with poses/bit changes, just to mark them out from their counterparts. You can see the result of this below:

DP PM Collective


Squad 1

Squad 2I’ve naturally got a metric ton of Plague Marines still to paint – but at least they’ll stand out from the multitude of plastic marines I have!

Forgeworld Havocs

Right, ages and ages ago… I started this!

Pre Work Havocs

But now, I’ve actually cleaned them, put them together and greenstuffed the little problem gaps etc. so they look pretty cohesive over all, and I’m happy! There are a couple of tiny bits to finish off (as I’m out of liquid GS) – one or two mould lines that have been removed since the photos were taken, but overall, nearly ready to get basecoated. I actually decided against using alternative backpacks – although naturally, as I too had been warned, it’s not a perfect fit onto the standard Space Marine backpack. But, I think the Legion Autocannon set looks awesome – and love the overall look – so I can’t grumble!

Havocs 1

Havocs 2

The biggest problem was sorting this… now it’s closer to a feed into the back than the bottom:

Havocs 3
Havocs 4

But hopefully, they all look pretty reasonable together!Havocs 5

I’ll tidy up the last few things when I’ve got a fresh supply of Green Stuff, and then get these sprayed and get them painted up for action.

Games & Gears Paint Rack Review!

Something that’s pretty cool has been the Games& Gears paint racks – have a look! Picked up two of these to house my rather vast collection and I’ve put in all that I can find for the time being. Work really well with Games Workshop’s Citadel range, the P3 range and Tamiya, and lower down, are fine for Vallejo/Army Painter as the photos show. The taller paints just need a slightly higher back to make sure they don’t fall down. I bought two of them for £30 – and am very pleased with the investment, they look great – solid plastic, smart – and will be more than adequate. One has all my GW/regular paints; the other has all my oldies and other Vallejo paints that don’t fit. Pretty pleased, seem durable enough. Very happy!

Here’s a singular photo of my main paint range:

Paint Rack

And the two of them together:

Paint Rack 2

I’m sure I may sort them by colour at some point – currently, it’s the ones I use most at the bottom… working up! You can purchase them from here currently: