Weathering Rhinos

Okay – the Rhinos have been crying out to be finished, and so I’ve put some more work into them this evening. Using the new paint, Typhus Corrosion, I’ve been able to do the vents (that have been bothering me!), in addition to picking out rivets and any other bits that need a bit more battle damage. I’ve left ones nearer the bottom, since they’ll be covered up by weathering – and there’s only so many rivets you want to paint over the course of seven Rhinos. I’ve removed a couple of erroneous moldlines from the marines in the pintle position, and covered that all up. Picked out a few details in and around the trophy racks, so now should have everything coloured from that front. One of the biggest changes is the start of the OSL, for both the main windows on the front and the headlamps too!

A few quick snaps from my mobile of how they’re starting to shape up:



Finally, a close-up of some of the work that’s been started:

Weathering Rhinos

As aforementioned, the lower rivets left will be covered with mud and other damage – so I wasn’t too fussed. Still need to do it on the two Land Raiders mind…

Biggest things left are the final wash, tiny last details on the marines, complete the OSL, finish the tracks before moving onto muddying and weathering further… and they’ll be done. Easy right?! Cheers for looking!


Big Guns Never Tire

The last few vows to get completed came in the form of two squads of three Obliterators, adding some much needed Heavy Support.


Oblits 2

I’ve been working on some Autocannon armed Havocs also, using the Forge World kit:


It would be remiss of me to ignore my three Defilers… even in this significantly WIP stage:Defilers

The Perfect List

Although we’re often reticent to design lists by committee, we over at believe that this is one of the best all-round lists one can field in a competitive environment using the current Codex, with regards to versatility and general all-round capability. I’d now be tempted to shoe-horn the second Heldrake in… but without further ado, have a gander at what I’m building towards:

1848 Pts – Perfect Plague Marine List

HQ: Chaos Lord (1#, 140 pts)
1 Chaos Lord, 140 pts (Mark of Nurgle; Close Combat Weapon; Power Axe x1; Chaos Bike; Sigil of Corruption; Warlord)

Fast Attack: Chaos Bikers (206 pts)
5 Chaos Bikers,(Mark of Nurgle; Meltagun x2)
1 Biker Champion (Melta Bombs; Bolt Pistol; Lightning Claw x1)

Troops: Plague Marines (248 pts)
6 Plague Marines,(Meltagun x2)
1 Plague Champion (Melta Bombs; Boltgun; Bolt Pistol; Lightning Claw x1)
1 Chaos Rhino (Dozer Blade; Combi-Boltgun)

Troops: Plague Marines (248 pts)
6 Plague Marines,(Meltagun x2)
1 Plague Champion (Melta Bombs; Boltgun; Bolt Pistol; Lightning Claw x1)
1 Chaos Rhino (Dozer Blade; Combi-Boltgun)

Troops: Plague Marines (238 pts)
6 Plague Marines (Flamer x2)
1 Plague Champion (Melta Bombs; Boltgun; Bolt Pistol; Lightning Claw x1)
1 Chaos Rhino (Dozer Blade; Combi-Boltgun)

Troops: Chaos Cultists (70 pts)
14 Chaos Cultists, 70 pts
1 Cultist Champion

Fast Attack: Heldrake (170 pts)
1 Heldrake (Baleflamer)

Heavy Support: Chaos Vindicator (125 pts)
1 Chaos Vindicator, (Dozer Blade)

Heavy Support: Forgefiend (175 pts)
1 Forgefiend, 175 pts (2x Hades Autocannons)

Heavy Support: Obliterator (228 pts)
3 Obliterator, (Mark of Nurgle)Not a lot left to go – shaping up nicely!

The Daemon Princes

It seems only appropriate that a Legion would call upon several Daemon Princes to lead the charge from the Warp against the Imperium of Man. The following pictures showcase my Work in Progress Princes, including the soon-to-be Primarch, Mortarion.

We have a rather glossy, and as yet, unnamed, Daemon Prince:


Soon to be Mortarion, prior to rebasing and lots of customisation:


And with his Daemon Prince brethren:


Note the cute Ultraforge one that I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll want him on a plinth… probably magnets…

The one at the back is nearly finished (just the base to go!) – but the rest are still very WIP as seen. Some, barely touched!

Background for a Blog

I’ve been involved in the hobby for around 20 years or so: I was fortunate enough to start young with Chaos, and Nurgle was my first love. Since then, I’ve added and added to a sprawling collection that spans comfortably over twelve thousand points (and counting), and gone through myriad editions of the game we know and love, with success on the battlefield a priority over how my minis actually looked.

After a brief hiatus from painting, I returned to find that if I wasn’t so impatient, I could produce a decent, tabletop quality miniature that was relatively pleasing to the eye – at least, to mine! However, with the new edition in-bound, I had resolved to repaint basically everything that I owned, and have stripped model after model… and am starting to repaint each of my armies, to a good standard complete with basing, to take the world by storm. This blog will be will and testament to my Death Guard army, whilst others will chronicle the various other armies I’ve owned that require a similar level of TLC, but won’t be a priority until everything here is done.

I’ve chronicled most of this through threads on various forums, including and the Bolter&Chainsword – but it felt appropriate to migrate this to a blog. It means we’ll be heavy on content at the start, and go from there! I’ll try not to post those updates verbatim (to account for that fact that some of this should now be referred to in the past tense…), but will be cross-posting the latest stuff as we go. I’m still in the process of stripping job lots of models, cleaning off junk and crappy painting that’s been sat there for the past two decades. These models, sparkling clean, in addition to the models from the new release (Dark Vengeance, etc.) have received this love and attention, with the long-term ambition of competing on the tournament stage. So, with your blessing, I’ll take your tutelage and advice wherever possible to make my minis the best that they can be.

The scheme I’m going for is a variant on the Pre-Heresy style, similar to what many people have done in past. To you, I tip my hat – that is what I aspire to do. The intention is to get it to a similar standard… but who knows? As ever, any constructive criticism will be welcomed with open arms throughout!

The focus of this blog will naturally be on my Death Guard, whilst most other things take a back-seat.  Obviously, when trying to paint about 9k of Raven Guard, 10k+ of Imperial Guard and about 12k+ of Iron Warriors, this makes it a difficult proposition –  but long-term, it’ll totally be worth it. Bear with me!